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    ODP Remembers Logan Collison

    REMEMBERING LOGAN COLLISON: Logan came of age as Out of the Drawer Percussion began and grew within the walls and garage of our home in Little Chute, WI circa 2011. He negotiated quitting piano lessons to learn hand percussion and become a fine player of all the instruments we build. Logan and Ryan grew as players together, from basement jam sessions to weekly performing with our local church.

    His first job was working in the ODP shop sanding shakers and drums as well as organizing wood and tools, recording his hours payable on a white board. During these dusty days in the shop, Logan picked up the nickname Drum Monkey, which he used even to the end.  “Drum Monkey wants to know when he is going to be paid, and no, snacks don’t count.”

    As his skills developed, Logan was used more frequently in videos and product pictures. He became accustomed to requests to shoot a quick video for a customer or Facebook post. Even though young, Logan was a naturally gifted and confident salesman who enjoyed engaging the public at drum shows, percussion events and educational presentations in Wisconsin and Chicagoland. Like a seasoned drummer, he wrapped and packed up our van to the ceiling, becoming adept at the load-outs and setups required for these outings.

    Logan learned quickly how to spot good solid wood items curbside that we could reclaim for drums. He would send a message about a dresser or table spotted and the address. He was a hyper-connector and great promoter who boldly reached out to his many friends to get ODP to 500 likes on Facebook. Senior year, while helping at school, he pushed ODP to buy a Little Chute High School yearbook advertisement.

    Logan was so proud of the drums and percussion we created and found great joy in playing them.  We are crushed that he is no longer with us and hope to honor this piece of his legacy by continuing to build the drums he loved so much.

    Mike and Ryan Collison